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NUMERO 3 - 08/02/2017

 Regulation for Sustainability: Promoting an Ecology-based Approach

The paper argues for the need to rethink and revise the current regulatory system in order to promote a new ecology-based approach to sustainability. It first focuses on the fundamental question of the true meaning of sustainability. The historical origin of the term sustainability is traced and analysed. An essential research question is then investigated, namely what should be sustained by sustainability. This is a crucial issue, since despite widespread use of the term sustainability, it is evident that a general understanding of the object and aim of sustainability is lacking. Thirdly, the issue of how to rethink and revise regulation in order to promote a new regulatory regime based on the concept of ecological sustainability is tackled. Thus a triple change in perspective is proposed, with the aim of contributing to a shift from the current economic model, based on the mantra of infinite economic growth, to a more balanced approach, aimed at pursuing ecological integrity and promoting human development in harmony with nature... (continues) 


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