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NUMERO 14 - 12/06/2024

 Luxembourg and the European elections: Preliminary Perspectives

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has been an independent sovereign state since 1839, due to the Treaty of London of 19th April 1839. The State of Luxembourg is a parliamentary form of government and a constitutional monarchy. The trajectory of the sovereign State of Luxembourg’s creation is evident in several significant historical episodes. Among these, it is sufficient to recall, in order, the end of the French domination after the fall of Napoleon in 1814; the Congress of Vienna in which Luxembourg obtained the status of a grand duchy and became a possession of William I, King of the Netherlands; the Luxembourg support to the Belgian revolution against William in 1830 and the subsequent Belgian announcement that the grand duchy was a part of Belgium; the Great Powers decision on 1831 that Luxembourg had to remain in William I’s possession and form part of the German Confederation, which came to an end in 1866 and Luxembourg became a wholly sovereign state… (continues)

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