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NUMERO 14 - 12/06/2024

 The European elections in the Netherlands: a result with lights and shadows

The Netherlands (Nederland) is a constitutional monarchy, whose state form is typical of unitary states with decentralised tendencies, consisting of 12 provinces and 355 municipalities. Holland, on the contrary, is a geographical area of the state territory, corresponding to the two provincies of North Holland and South Holland only. The Netherlands is, together with the Caribbean states of Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten, part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (Koninkrijk der Nederlanden), while the islands of Bonaire, Saban and Sint Eustatius - although located in the Caribbean Sea - constitute openbaar lichaam or bijzondere gemeente (special municipalities) of the European state. The current constitutional structure, based on the recognition of the autonomy of the Caribbean islands and states, is the result of the October 2010 dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles… (continues)

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