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NUMERO 14 - 12/06/2024

 The challenge of the European elections in Spain: between autonomist claims and national governmental stability

In general, it is possible to say that European elections, besides being crucial in determining EU policies, reflect the internal dynamics of the member states and are often a test case for national political parties, performing a mid-term or quasi-mid-term election function. Considering Spain, one must bear in mind that they also represent an opportunity for regional and nationalist parties to influence not only European but also national decisions. This is especially true considering the political context in which the 2024 European election will take place and the recent evolutions of the Spanish form of government. As the article will detail in the following pages, in fact, the set of provisions characterising the aforementioned Spanish government and its functioning define a rationalised parliamentarism aimed at guaranteeing governmental stability. The institutional set-up, however, has not been sufficient to avoid political and parliamentary crises and, the natural end of the legislature, which has long been a characteristic feature of the Spanish system, has become more fragile as the party system has changed… (continues)

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