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NUMERO 9 - 05/05/2010

 Right to acces to EU institutions' documents: state of play with regard to the review of regulation 1049/2001. An overview of an expert.

Dealing everyday with EU documents I pose myself many questions on the above-mentioned subject, and I thought that going a little more in-depth into the matter could be useful for me and my colleagues to have a clearer picture on the state of play of this topic after the Treaty of Lisbon and to contribute to increase the level of harmonisation among us in this specific issue. All this, bearing in mind, the legal framework of the issue and the recent evolution of the legislative process that should be, hopefully within the month of June of 2010, completed with a revised Regulation 1049/2001.
The main rules are laid down by the Treaties. Firstly, Art. 1 of the Treaty of the EU provides that the EU institutions should take decisions as openly and as closely as possible to the citizens. Furthermore, Art. 15 TFEU extends the institutional scope of right of access previously not so clearly defined by the article 255 of the Treaty of the European Communities, as introduced by the Treaty of Amsterdam in 1997.

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