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NUMERO 15 - 26/06/2024

 2024 EU Elections: old issues for new challenges

The 2024 vote for the EU Parliament took place in a very different scenario compared to the one in which the previous elections were held. Indeed, in 2019 the EU was still coping with the aftermath of the financial crisis that, stemming overseas, had hit the European continent in the earlier decade. By contrast, the context in which the birth of the new legislature (the 10th) is to be framed is marked by many - and, for several aspects, unexpected - different events. In a brief summary, it is worth mentioning, first and foremost, the outbreak in 2020 of the Covid-19, which led the EU to undertake unprecedent measures in order to assist the Member States most affected not only by the health crisis, but also by the economic consequences of the pandemic, demonstrating its willingness, albeit cautiously, to finally equip itself with those operational tools that would enable it to imbue European citizenship with a truly social dimension. Indeed, this objective seemed to be achieved through a series of initiatives which, on the whole, appeared likely to bring about the decisive social change in the EU that has long been awaited. Indeed, the approval of ‘Next Generation EU’ marked a historic stage in the process of political integration: for the first time a mechanism that takes the form not only of a plan for loans, but also of a considerable amount of outright grants. These subsidies were envisioned as the first step on the road to the establishment of a true common European debt governed by a sort of European loan guarantee system, launched thanks to the other fundamental decision to increase the amount of the Union’s own resources. A development that seemed to foreshadow the initial core of that genuine European fiscal system that has long been lacking since the resources to support the above-mentioned subsidies could not be transferred by the same Member-state, rather had to be found elsewhere, primally directly on the market… (continues)

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