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FOCUS - Los efectos de la crisis financiera sobre las instituciones nacionales N. 13 - 04/05/2020

 El papel de los Parlamentos nacionales en la crisis económica europea: algunas breves consideraciones

Abstract: This paper analyses the role and the position of National Parliaments and parliamentary administrations in the eurozone crisis using the methodological tools of a comparative approach. Long regarded as the victims of the integration process, National Parliaments have undergone a long and slow development through which they gained, especially after the Lisbon Treaty, a formal and direct role in the European decision-makimg process. It focuses on the crisis-related parliamentary activities in a selected number of national cases. The analysis reveals a growing asimmetry of parliamentary power and dominance of the executive within the political systems which makes it difficult to assess clear and unambiguous conclusions on the impact of the eurozone crisis on National Parliaments.


Sumario: 1. Introducción ─ 2. El proceso de integración europea y la crisis económica: dos factores de marginalización de los Parlamentos nacionales ─ 3. El impacto de la crisis económica sobre los parlamentos nacionales ─ 3.1. El papel de las administraciones de los parlamentos nacionales frente a la crisis ─ 4. Conclusiones.

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